Sunday, February 21, 2010

Summary of Bob Harper's Experience in Haiti

I learned in Haiti with Texas Baptist Men passing out water filtration units many spiritual lessons, and I want to share at least two of them: in John 4/13,14, water is necessary and important, but spiritual water/salvation is most important! Accepting Jesus' salvation is satisfaction for all eternity. In Matthew 25/35-40, Jesus says if we do any type of service to the least of people, we are doing it for HIM!! When we served the Haitians with water filtration, we were serving the Lord Jesus Himself.

Allow me to share the miracles God did for us in Haiti:
~ God allowed me to go on such short notice - there were many obstacles

~ Delta did not charge for our 16 big containers

~ we were originally to fly to Detroit - the agent booked us directly to Atlanta
~ a Hawker 8 on loan to Texas Baptist Men - there are no commercial flights

~ place (compound) to pitch a tent

~ Marine patrol that just happened to show up at Grace Ministries Orphanage; provided food and water
~ hotel room (base camp) - a shower each night and a place to store all the equipment

~ police offered their truck to pick up the 400 gal. tank at EKO Depot for Mission Rescue (Omi's)

~ NBC gave us several cases of bottled water on several occasions - we ran low several days

~ exposure of Texas Baptist Men to the world through NBC about the water filtration

~ Missionary Aviation Fellowship - had a car-type carport tent to disburse the water filtration units from - in the shade

~ MAF and Army forklift to go about 60 yards to fetch the stockpile of water filtration units

~ local leaders to come and get the units in bulk to pass out to people they know and to people they do not know

~Army Airborne patrol on 4 wheeler we ran into around the corner - they followed us to Pei's place and they got on the map for further assistance

~ AT&T gave all service for free for humanitarian aid persons in Haiti

~ Hawker 8 and Vision Air flying for free

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will be Posting the Wrap Up of Experience in Haiti

In the near future be watching because I will be posting the wrap up of my experience in Haiti. Presently, I am meditating on how to summarize, and will be sharing that with you soon.


Papi Harper